Why This Is Important

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“The Old Testament speaks poetically of the earth being built upon pillars or foundations, as a way of saying it is stable, with a moral order that will in the end be upheld by its Creator. Another way of speaking of this is to say that the world is built according to wisdom. In the imagery of the Old Testament, this wisdom means something like the architecture of the universe. “The LORD by wisdom founded the earth; by understanding he established the heavens” (Proverbs 3:19). When God built the universe, like a building, he did so according to the blueprint called wisdom. Wisdom is the fundamental underlying order according to which the universe is constructed. Sometimes we speak of the architecture of a piece of hardware or software, by which we mean the underlying structure, such that, if we understand it, we shall grasp why it behaves and responds as it does. In the same way, to live wisely in the world we need some understanding of the blueprint or architecture upon which the world is built.” Christopher Ash


Understanding God’s design of the cosmos includes understanding God’s design of humankind—the word hâ âdâm in the original Hebrew language manuscript of Genesis.  An accurate, healthy, and wholistic human identity must be anchored in the reality of the design from…the Beginning.  What’s at stake is nothing less than the foundation for being human, sexuality, marriage, family, as well as an array of fundamental cultural phenomena.