Q. Do you think about the significance of the cosmos or stand in awe of its sublime grandeur?

Q. Do you marvel at the beauty, design, and complexity of our planet’s biospheres…each a unique “vast array”?

Q. Does the existence of humankind cause you to ask, “How could this happen by random, purposeless chance?”



Milky Way Over Quiver Tree Forest in Southern Namibia, Image Credit: Florian Breuer

imgresWelcome!  It may not be a coincidence you found us here in cyberspace. Someone may have pointed you here. For a moment, are you willing to reconsider the way in which you ponder and understand the vast fabric of the universe that surrounds you?…even if it upsets some things you previously believed to be true.

Yes, it’s an ambitious challenge given the fact that most schools spend tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, over at least a twelve year period, molding minds to embrace an “enlightened” or “politically-correct” naturalist  view  of reality that excludes mention of a Creator.

Intentionally or unintentionally, teachers seed preconceived notions (presuppositions*) during the normal process of education which in turn affect how we see and make sense of what we find around us. These notions (e.g. Naturalism – see Articles tab) are capable of preventing our recognition of different information and can potentially blind us to valuable evidence or facts.

* a belief held beforehand

Has the time come for you to engage in some serious, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking?

As an alternative, we propose a theory to harmonize the current, scientific model of cosmology with the straight-forward narrative of Creation’s beginning found in the first chapters of the first book of the Bible: Genesis.  This congruity is based on 20th & 21st century discoveries in modern physics intersecting with a normal approach to reading the scriptural text.

Written nearly four thousand years ago, Genesis is one of sixty-six canonical books, uniquely authoredBible by inspired writers, which forms the basis for the Judeo-Christian worldview.

So welcome!  It’s our pleasure to host you on what we believe will prove a fascinating journey.  You’ll find various videos, articles, and graphics available in the Menu bar above.  We’re working to enhance the site and make your experience a rewarding one.